As the majority of my clients have Schroders managing part of the Australian Equity exposure, here are some great short videos from Martin Conlon, Head of Australian Equities for Schroders:

Video 1: Martin discusses the impact interest rates have on the Australian equity market

Video 2: Martin gives his views on financial stability and the impact it has on the stock market

Video 3: Martin examines the Resource sector and why Schroders remain favourable to the sector

Video 4: Listen to Martin’s tips for investing

Video 5: Martin shares what to consider when comparing passive & active investing

Changes in Global GDP of the Top 10 countries

This link is a moving (yearly) infographic of the changes in Global Gross Domestic Product of the Top 10 countries. China wasn’t in the Top 10 in 1972 and it becomes number 2 by 2030 (India follows a similar path into 3rd), whilst USA reduces its share. Don’t bother expecting Australia to appear.

Bennelong Australian Equity Partners “Being BAEP”

In the latest edition of Bennelong Australian Equity Partners “Being BAEP”, fund manager Julian Beaumont moves beyond a company’s fundamentals when making an investment decision. He examines the value in prospecting the detail behind the seller, in particular focusing on the selling of shares by insiders such as the CEO or a director, as well as IPO sell-downs.

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A hung Parliament: What does this mean for investors?

When UK Prime Minister Theresa May unexpectedly called an early election few would have predicted the result of a hung parliament. Hear from Fidelity’s experts around the world about what this means for investors.


Fidelity’s Chief Investment Officer – Multi Asset, James Bateman

We are over eight years into a remarkably long bull market and investors are turning their attention towards how to position themselves for the late part of the economic cycle.

Traditionally, investors would shift capital from risky assets into cash and fixed income at this point.

Fidelity’s Chief Investment Officer – Multi Asset, James Bateman puts forward his argument for being braver for longer. With cash and fixed income offering negative real returns, being braver for longer may be the only investment strategy that pays as we approach the late cycle.

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